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Diet Myths and Facts

Common Weight Loss Diet Myths and Facts The idea behind any diet for weight loss is to consume food that contains fewer caloric amount than your body needs for maintaining its current weight. In such case of calorie deficit, the body usually responds, by turning...
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Calories Explained

what is calorie?
Everybody has heard that for women the daily allowance is of about 2,000 calories, compared to men who are allowed 2,500 calories. But do you know exactly what calories are? Let’s find out. Calories are essentially units of energy. Energy which is used to raise...
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Daily calorie allowance

calories tips
A quick guide on how to use the following lists and tables: If you are looking to maintain good general health, cross-reference the values in the calorie intake according to age and then according to the activity level of your life – sedentary, moderate or...
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