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We all know the best advice for losing weight and maintaining good health, is: eat healthy and exercise more! But unfortunately too few of us are serious about it. Some people think that it is the laziness, some say they don’t have enough free time, others are scared because exercises are very hard to perform.

On the other hand as the saying goes “everyone can lose weight”, it is that simple, but it is not that easy. There is no such thing as laziness, and unsubstantial excuses are irrelevant here, this is only a matter of proper motivation and the will to act.

Here is a list of some of the best weight loss motivation tips and ideas that can work for you, and boost your enthusiasm. And I am sure they will, because the tips I’m listing are from my personal experience.

1. Take care of your body

fat lose motivationStrong spirit – strong body and vice versa. A common apprehension is that we humans consist of two inter-related parts – material and spiritual (body and mind). And many people think that, because mind and intellect are what separates us from the other creatures inhabiting this planet, our spiritual side is somehow higher or more important than our material side – the body. The truth is our both sides are constantly interacting and complementary to one another, therefore if we have to divide them, it has to be 50 to 50%.

If we do not sustain a good physical health and condition, this will result in discomfort and aches and constantly sending signals to our brain which will correspondingly make us feel oppressed and miserable. I do not think the power of the mind can help us here. On the contrary if you respect and take care of your own body it will “thank” you ten times over with strength, agility, speed, lightness, self confidence, great mood and will “bring you back the thirst for life”. It’s your choice.

2. Improve your general health

The many benefits of proper nutrition and regular exercise are enough reason to reconsider your healthy lifestyle principles. Regular exercise increases the body resistance against many diseases and illnesses. It also promotes anti aging and longevity. By eating healthy and being more physically active you will also keep your body fit and lean, and most important boost your confidence and self estimation.

Keep in mind that the more muscle tissues you build, the more work your muscles will perform (even if you are resting) and the more they will stir your metabolism and greater number of calories will be burned.

3. Share yours interests with others

fat lose motivation with runningThis is one of the strongest weight loss motivation tips. We humans live together in a social society, and are divided in different communities in which people are united by similar interests. If one man fights for he believes alone, then in most cases it is a lost cause. If many people are united by common goal, together they could make the difference.

The same goes with the principles of healthy living. If you take the courage and participate into a community of people who are struggling with, and solving weight loss problems, you will get the support of others like you, and will be much more motivated. Go to the closest gym and sign up for their aerobics or pilates classes. Do not wary, there will always be people who are new and had just started, which is why there will be classes for beginners or you will get the expert advice of your instructor on how to start.

You can even find and participate in an online community, where you will again find much support and advice to solve your problems. But all this is nothing compared to the motivation you can get from your family. If you receive the support of your family members and even convince them to get going on the healthy-living road by your side, you will go for an inevitable success.

4. One moment on the lips means a lifetime on the hips

Scientists have proven that even short periods of feasting on junk food can leave the body more prone to weight gaining for years to come. Besides a moment of treating yourself with chocolate ore ice cream can lead to stomach aches and discomfort all day long, while healthy but not-so-tasty food choices can bring you the comfort and the wonderful feeling of being light and energized through the day. The choice is yours!

Tip: if there are no sweets around, you will not eat unhealthy. You can plan and make your shopping list in advance without including chocolate bars or waffles. You can prepare healthy meals or sandwiches to eat at work. Also be very careful of emotional eating. When under a great pressure at your job or feeling depressed, try to remind yourself and restrict from indulging in sweets to ease your suffering.

5. You will look like the animals you eat

Eating meat is always suggested when it comes to weight-loss or muscle-gaining diets, because it’s rich in protein and low in calories. However there is a difference in the quality of the proteins depending on the source (from the meat of which animals the protein comes).

meat animalThere is no need for scientific explanation, just think about it from a different angle and you will come up with the obvious and logical reasons. The quality of the meat of different animals, depends on the quality of their lifestyles, meaning how much physically active are they and how healthy is their diet. These are the same factors that determine the shape and state of our human bodies.

If we compare pigs with goats, we can say the first are clumsy, fatty and over weight (we definitely do not want to look like those), and the second are lean, nimble and fast. One of the reasons for the difference between them is their diet. Pigs will eat whatever garbage you gave them (note that we also tend to eat much junk food as far as it is delicious), and the menu of the goats will consist only from plants, fruits and vegetables. Furthermore if we compare ordinary goats with wild mountain goats, the second are even more agile and light-footed, due to their natural and healthier lifestyle.

Another good comparison is between carp fish and trout. The firs one lives in slimy stagnant waters, which is why it is fat and clumsy, while the second one dwell in swift current, fresh and clear waters, there fore it is lean and fast. Trouts and salmons are one of the best sources of lean meat and healthy fatty acids, because they have the best sequence of omega fats in their bodies due to their healthy lifestyle in completely ecological clear environment.

6. Compete only with yourself, not with others

The success of others must not upset you, it must motivate you. But who has the better physique is not a competition. The best way to proceed is to set and pursuit your own goals, and always to try to improve them. In other words you should always strive towards excellence and soon you will gain confidence, and become independent of what the scale might say.

7. Fruits and vegetables – embrace the gifts of nature

Fruits and veggies are the excellent substitute for sweets and pasta. They are a good source of carbohydrates and fibres. Having daily portions of different coloured fruits and vegetables will supply you with the full scale of vital vitamins and minerals. And they also have a number of health benefits like: appetite suppression, metabolism boosting and improving immunity level.

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