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This is the second part (read the first) of my list of weight loss motivation tips which can help, and boost your enthusiasm to start exercising and stay physically active.

1. Less efforts for better results

runningThe most popular and effective activity in relation to losing weight and burning fat is running. Indeed it is on of the most efficient forms of cardio exercises, but there is one big misconception about it: to lose more weight you need to run more miles. Well this is correct but only to a point. The longer your mileage, the more efficient your body will become and the fewer calories it will spend. Also the longer you execute similar activity, the faster your body will get used to it, and the less efforts (calories burned) it will take to perform it.

This can be beaten in very smart way. You may have heard about interval training – a sequence of short periods of time of intensive exercise, followed by longer periods of exercising at low intensity in order to recover for the next burst of energy. If you implement this technique into your running routine, you will get more effective results in less time. Interval training can be implemented in your aerobic or weight-lifting workout too, and it does provide results, because these types of exercises are more concentrated, more intensive and do not allow the body to get accustomed to what you are doing. Your muscles will be repeatedly under stress, and will be constantly developing.

When it comes to other exercises and weight lifting routines it is not the quantity, but the quality you have to seek. Many people spend countless hours of doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups and still not gaining the desired results. They think the more crunches they do, the better will their abs be developed. This is not the right way to go and this is the reason, why they do not succeed.

The solution is to perform little number (3 or 4) of sets of about 12 to 20 max repetitions, but those you should execute the right way. Try to perform your abs exercises with self resistance, control and concentration on the specific muscle you are training. Remember to squeeze and contract your muscles in the top part of the exercise and then slowly with resistance go back to the starting point. You will find it difficult to continue even after the third or fourth repetition. By doing so you will increase the effectiveness of your workout and decrease the time duration many times over.

2. Movie stars and athletes may inspire you

The hot bodies of celebrities and famous athletes may motivate you, if you want to look like them, or may discourage you when you realize that you will never look like them. Most of them had achieved their gorgeous bodies due to excessive workouts, strict diets and with the help of lots of food supplements and medicaments.

Do not wary, hot-lean body can be achieved with maintaining healthy and balanced eating plan, and with sufficient amount of exercises, just be consistent. Go to the gym and you’ll see many ordinary boys and girls, like you, with great bodies. It can be done and when you get some visual results, knowing you did it all by yourself, without the help of supplements or personal trainers, it will be a great boost for your enthusiasm.

3. Train the whole body – the next level after weight loss

cardio workoutsIf you think losing weight is very hard, let me show you how far you are from the truth. Weight loss is only the beginning. Weight loss by itself is not the “big deal”. Just ask yourself: what’s the point of dropping some pounds and reducing your jean size, if your muscles are weak and you don’t possess power and energy? Will you be satisfied if you look great in your clothes, but without them – not cool at all.

Losing weight is only the first step in the bigger picture. It will harden your will and teach you how to overcome all obstacles standing in your way to achieve your goals. Then and only then you will be ready for the next step – training your body to get stronger, faster and healthier. The best approach here is to equally and adequately train every muscle group in order to achieve well shaped and symmetrically developed body. Just keep in mind that strong back is essential to get good posture, but in fact this is a state of counteraction between the two antagonistic pectoral and back muscle groups.

Biceps and back determine your “pulling” power, while triceps, shoulders and pectorals determine the “pushing” power. And never forget to train your legs – if there is a muscle group that is more important than others – those would be your legs. Their development determines your speed, endurance and also reflect your total body posture. Week legs or pain in the legs often results in headaches and an overall feeling of discomfort, while powerful legs can make you feel like walking on clouds – it is a wonderful feeling!

4. Big, but slow or lean, but fast

Famous bodybuilders with big, enormous muscles, are very impressive for the eye, but ask yourself: do you really want to look like them? First of all, bodies like those are achieved by years of hard training routines, extremely strict diets and with the help of plenty of supplements some of which are very health risky and even forbidden for consumption. But still lots of men ignore these facts and try to do whatever they can to gain big arms and massive backs, without thinking for the consequences in the long term.

My advice: if you are not a professional athlete, who takes part in many bodybuilding competitions, you do not need to fanatically develop and define your muscles. What is more training with heavy weights will make you big but slower, and which is better: big, but slow or lean but fast? Also many statistics have shown that girls like more lean, athletic and chiseled bodies, rather than broad enormous-muscled bodies.

5. The secret of a flat stomach

No matter how hard you train your abdominal muscles and how well you have developed them, if you do not perform sufficient cardio exercises and clean eating, you will never be able to see them, due to the layer of fat which is covering them. If you work hard in both directions and finally succeed in getting flat stomach and revealing your abs, CONGRATULATIONS! Just keep in mind that if you allow to treat yourself from time to time (which is not a big problem) with delicious but not so healthy foods, your body will react adequately and this will result in stomach-colon discomfort. In this case no matter how hard your abs are your flat belly will bloat up and disappear for a given period of time.

6. Dietary supplements

Along with diets and exercise, food supplements have become the third major aspect in the weight loss world. They did provide results, but taking them may be hazardous for your health. There are safe ones, of course, which are approved by the appropriate leading organizations, but in order to find them you need to make a thorough research. The key points to look for: approved natural ingredients; medically tests and backings and if there are any side effects.

food supplementsOne key step, which most people ignore is consulting your personal doctor. Some supplements may interact with other medications you might be taking. If you need to take your pre and/or post training protein shake or amino-acids (the best and safest are the ones that have the closest structure to the human amino-acids), you may need to seek the advice of an expert.

If you are taking weight loss supplements, your ultimate goal would be to use them in the beginning to start getting results. Then use this as a motivation to continue on dieting and exercising until you make them a part of your everyday living and reach the point where you will no longer need any supplements.

7. Lose weight the natural way

Achieving weight loss success without the help of medicines and supplements, is not only promoting our health, as it is a natural process for our bodies, but it can be a powerful boost for our mood and total well-being. Every small result we had gained, every visual change in our body we had achieved, will turn into complete satisfaction, knowing that we did it only by ourselves.

This list is far from complete. I had listed weight loss motivation tips to start exercising only from mine personal experience, but with your help we can grow this list larger and more helpful. And stay tuned for the next post with another set of useful and motivational tips.


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