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Choosing “low-fat” Foods form the Store

Truly Unhealthy SnacksFoods labeled as low-fat or fat-free are not the best choice, when you are trying to control your weight. Basically, they save only a few calories because actually the extracted fats are replaced with carbohydrates. This lowers the amount of containing fats, of course, but raises the carb content instead. Those low-performing carbohydrates are digested quickly and cause high blood sugar peaks, immediately after consumed and also rebound hunger shortly later on. This means you’ll store additional body fat and your appetite will come soon afterward.

Eating Fast Without Noticing

It takes from about 10 to 20 minutes for your stomach to send a signal to your brain that you are full. In most cases, if you eat slowly with small bites, or fast and greedily, for the same time period – in both cases you will satisfy your hunger, and the only difference will be the greater caloric amount, if you are a quick eater.

Skipping Meals In Today’s Demanding Lifestyles

Skipping meals to lose weight is a common diet delusion. It seems logically that less food means fewer calorie consumed, but in fact skipping meals actually may increase your odds of obesity. The reason: skipping meals slows down your metabolism and increases your hunger. That decreases the calorie expenditure and increases the chance for overeating at the next meal, to compensate for the missed one (for the long time suffering in hunger).

Get Used to Larger Meal Plates

healthy mealIt’s one of the common unhealthy eating habits for people to opt for larger plates, which usually is more than the body needs. The appetite comes with eating and you will usually eat everything you’ve put in your dish. Eating large meal portions at once, is usually more than enough to satisfy your hunger and the body will store as a reserve everything that is in excess, i.e. more food, and more calories equals to more body fat.

Drinking Not Enough Water

Healthy drink waterAdequate daily water intake is essential for the proper function of the body and its organs, in particular for providing good conditions for the maintenance of reasonable metabolic rates. Staying constantly hydrated helps internal body processes to occur properly, while dehydration leads to the decrease of physical performance and efficiency, slower metabolism and calorie burning as well.

Addicted to the Television Set

Different studies have shown that people who spend long hours in front of the TV, often suffer from overweight problems and are more likely to be inclined to develop obesity. It’s obvious that those addicted to TV lead sedentary lifestyles, and when the body is lacking any sufficient physical movement – the metabolic rate is decreased, and so is the caloric burn. Additionally, when people snack while watching TV, they tend to ignore the food quality and quantity as well.


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  1. Jared says:

    Its not good to eat some food.


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