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Calories Explained

what is calorie?
Everybody has heard that for women the daily allowance is of about 2,000 calories, compared to men who are allowed 2,500 calories. But do you know exactly what calories are? Let’s find out. Calories are essentially units of energy. Energy which is used to raise...
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Reveal Your Abs

want abs?
What is one of the first things people notice about you, when you take your shirt off? Which is one of the most attractive muscles (or muscle groups) for both men and women? Abs is the answer. But they are really tricky muscles to develop....
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Lose Weight Tips

fat lose tips
How to lose weight tips and tricks, which will help you to burn excess body fat and further to improve your results? Achieving your weight loss goals isn’t some fast process, it’s a matter to make small changes and build them into your daily lifestyle....
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