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In this article you will learn how to lose weight fast and at the same time you will learn why you should not do it. Because:

fast weight loss = unhealthy weight loss

It is possible for you to lose weight quickly, but it is not advisable, because the natural weight-loss is slow and gradual process. The three major aspects of losing weight are: proper nutrition; regular exercise; and the third alternative way – diet supplements.

lose weight fastIn terms of nutrition you will have to cut down your daily nutrient intake drastically, in order to lose body weight fast. This state is called starvation and it will bring quick results, but it is extremely unhealthy, because the body will be deprived of life-important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Starving for too long can lead to improper function of the internal organs. Besides if you consume less calories for some time, the body will lock itself into a state of self preservation, where it will begin to spend considerably low amount of calories.

In terms of exercise to fasten the weight loss process you will need to perform more intense cardio work-outs and advanced exercises. If you are not well trained and go straight to such routine, you will increase the chance of injures, traumas and overtraining, none of which are good for your health.

In terms of diet supplements, there are plenty of them out there, which propagandize fast weight loss and almost all of them can provide it. But it will be most certainly at the cost of undesirable side effects on our health.

Healthy Weight Loss is a Slow and Gradual Process

First of all we have to answer the two main questions:

What is healthy weight loss? – This is the process of losing body weight only through burning the excess body fat stored by our body as reserve source of energy.

How much should I lose for safer weight loss? – Generally losing weight at the rate of 2 pounds per week is considered as safe and healthy.

no sugarSo in terms of nutrition you have to start making gradual changes. At first you can only decrease the amount of foods containing sugar, salt and “bad” fats, and step by step you will get to the point of healthy and balanced eating. A good thing here is that once you have been following the principles of healthy eating for long enough, you can allow yourself your favorite chocolate desert, from time to time, with no effect on your body weight.

As for exercises you have to perform them regularly. And if you want lasting and visual results, you always have to make small changes and advance for harder exercises: increase the intensity of your cardio, aim to slightly heavier weights at the gym from work-out to work-out.

About diet supplements – the alternative solution for losing weight, if you really need to use them, look for the ones that consist of only natural ingredients, with great medically backing and if possible with no side effects. As we have said above, losing 1-2 pounds of body weight is considered safe, so do not go for supplement which says: lose 5 pounds for one week, or 20 for only a month.

However if for some reason you desperately need to lose weight fast, you already know the ways it can be done. But our advice is not to do it and accept the fact that if you need to manage your weight – you are the only one responsible, and that can motivate you to take action and start losing weight only the healthy way.


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