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The key to successful weight loss and long-term results is to stay motivated. Being focused and determined is what will deliver fruitful results, and not only when you try to lose weight and get healthy.

stay-motivatedLosing weight is not just about melting away a few pounds to look good in your clothes. For those with overweight issues, managing their weight is also essential for their general health and well-being. People who suffer from overweight problems, don’t tend to live as long and have significantly increased possibility for developing serious health conditions, than those within the ranges of a healthy weight. This thought alone may incite you to stay motivated to lose weight. Along with losing excess body fat, you may enjoy series of other benefits: metabolic health, toned muscles, improved physical skills, etc.

As with any task you’ll set, losing weight will be possible only if you really have the desire to; half-hearted approach will probably lead to failure at your weight loss attempts. A good way of spurring yourself on to keep healthy dieting and exercising at regular basis, is to monitor your progress, by measuring your weight each morning before breakfast, and to write it down in a diary, or to take photos of yourself before you start dieting, and consistently take photographs throughout of your progress. Estimating the visual results will only urge you to continue.

If there is a particular item of clothing that you would love to fit into, keep that in mind and visualize yourself exerting hard efforts, and finally wearing it, and looking great – as a reward. Once you reach your goal, you will feel a great sense of overall satisfaction, because you did it all by yourself – relying on your true motivation.

motivationGet the support of family and friends. A good way to stick to your routine for much longer, is to find someone you know, who is in the same position as yours. Try to spread the positive energy among the members of your family, and get their support. If you have a friend, or colleague who would also like to lose weight, you could both go running, or join gym classes together – feeling more confident. Sharing thoughts for support and keep track of your progress can be fun, and at the same time will keep you focused up to the task. Dieting can be lonely and oppressing but with someone who is going through the same things as you, it can be helpful to exchange experience, and may inspire you to keep struggling with the challenge, and to stay motivated to lose weight.


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  1. Steven says:

    Motivation is what i need.


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