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Good eating is certainly not synonymous with restaurant food. The expression “restaurant nutrition” seems like an oxymoron to some. However, even when dining out, you can make good nutrition choices in restaurants. Even the world’s fast food chains, those popularizers of unhealthy, rich in fat cheeseburgers and the highly calorific double buns and meat patties are augmenting their menus to accommodate the more health conscious diners.

If you know what you are looking for in terms of good nutrition, you can usually adhere to even the most regimented diet even when eating out at your favorite restaurant. Those photos on the menu of nachos and desserts may seem attractive, but thinking about how you want to stay in shape or lose weight will help to mitigate temptation. Making the right restaurant nutrition choices will bring its own reward. Eating healthily can also be adventurous, and you may take a menu option you would never have thought of choosing in the past. Indeed, some menus will have a standalone healthy section from which to choose.

Restaurant Nutrition Information

Restaurants are improving their menus by providing restaurant nutrition information alongside each menu choice. If there is no restaurant nutrition information on the menu, they will usually have a card detailing the nutritional value of each meal upon request.

This is a good way to educate yourself about restaurant nutrition and you’ll learn that good nutrition can be had even in the local fast food joint. Even if such dietary information isn’t available, you can use some common sense to decide which menu item is the healthiest option, or better yet, ask the waiter if the chef could recommend the healthiest choice. After all, the chef will know which meats he fries in deep fat and which ones he grills without using any fat, and whether the vegetarian option really is as healthy as it seems.


Good Nutrition Vs Bad Nutrition

Menu descriptions will sometimes indicate to you the method that’s used to cook a meal. This in itself is a great indicator as to what is the healthy, good nutrition option as opposed to the highly calorific, high fat option. When you’re watching your weight or trying to lose pounds, you should obviously avoid foods that are cooked in oil or fried. If your food has a lot of sauce, you should ask how fatty the sauce is. Cheese and butter should usually be avoided too. Avoiding fatty foods will help to lower your cholesterol.

Healthy options usually include salads, grilled meats such as grilled chicken sandwiches, stir fried vegetables and foods that are less processed and more natural. But don’t be afraid to ask and ensure that you’re getting the healthy restaurant nutrition option


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