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Firstly we have to understand what a significant role does water play in our existence. A very large portion of our body consists of water: 75% of the lean muscle tissues are water; over 80% of blood; over 20% of body fat and about 20% of bones are water too.

So water is of great importance for the function of our body, but the question is how it can be of help to those of you who are on a weight loss plan.

Of course, drinking water alone is not going to melt away the excess body fat. What you eat and what you drink are the two major things that you should care about, if you desire to lose weight gradually and surely.

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Good proteins are essential in building muscles and also help you to suppress food cravings. Excellent sources for such proteins are chicken, fish or low-fat dairy products like skimmed milk, cottage cheese and yogurt.

Beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains provide us with carbohydrates that are slowly metabolized by our body, which makes them good energy source. They are also natural hunger-suppressants and also are moderate on fats and calories.

As far as fats are concerned, we could refer to them as “bad” and “good” ones. “Bad” fats are the main culprits for the excess body weight. While “good” fats provide essential fatty acids. They can be found in Salmon, Herrings, Mackerel and Sardines. They can help regulate blood pressure, prevent blood clotting and lower risk of heart failure.

Eat adequate fiber food, as they do not have many calories and help for suppressing hunger. Once consumed, while passing through the body fiber attaches to some of the fats and proteins that we eat, and thus they are taken out of the system without being digested. Fiber can be found in apples, strawberries, figs, broccoli, beans, brown rice, bran and nuts.

In terms of weight loss, water plays two important roles.
waterWhen our body dehydrates we feel cravings for food, if we consume a reasonable and adequate amount of water, we can suppress the hunger. Liver provides stored fat for energy, and water helps metabolism allowing kidneys to flush out waste. An interesting fact is that drinking cold water can burn the extra body fat. If you drink ice cold water it uses over 60 calories a day from the body. So the body has to burn over 420 calories a week to raise the temperature of the cold water to the level of its own temperature. What a way to burn that extra fat.

As you can see here water takes an important part in losing weight, as it is a natural appetite suppressant and it helps in dieting and generally it’s a major component in natural weight loss plan.


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