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Chicken is fast gaining popularity as with people realizing the dangers of red meat, a healthier diet is being preferred. With these chicken nutrition facts, you can make a choice about whether to include chicken in your diet and how much. These chicken nutrition facts will also help you decide the best way of preparation to maximize chicken’s benefits!

Some of the basic chicken nutrition facts can be found in any cookbook, or on the Internet. Some of the main things to keep in mind are, the fat content of the skin, the protein content, serving size, and portion. Here are some important chicken nutrition facts to consider while designing your diet:

1. Sometimes, the calories, fat content, and serving size will be mentioned on the packet of chicken products. No two products are the same, and different brands will have different nutrition content. Even some fast food places and restaurants have started putting chicken nutrition facts on the menu, telling you exactly how much chicken, fat and calories your meal will contain.

2. Avoid the skin. One of the most important chicken nutrition facts is that chicken skin has a very high fat content and contains many calories. Avoid chicken products or dishes that contain skin. Pieces with bones also contain more fat.

3. Keep track of the serving size. The serving size may not be evident at first glance. See how much the chicken meat actually weighs.

Other nutrition facts to consider are the portion, and the method of preparation. Some parts of chicken contain more fat, while some as the liver contain more vitamins as well. Chicken legs may be the leanest portion. Even though chicken is one of the healthiest non-vegetarian food options, with less fat and cholesterol than red meat, the method of preparation makes a big difference. Fried chicken will obviously contain a lot of fat, while boiled without skin will be the healthiest. Roast chicken is also healthy, but one important chicken nutrition fact is to see how healthy the sauce is. At the same time, chicken soup is also healthy, but some soups may have too much salt. Sandwiches too can be a healthy option, but be careful of the extra calories added on thanks to butter, mayonnaise or sandwich spread.

So armed with these chicken nutrition facts, you are now ready to eat healthier than earlier!


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