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weight loss tips

For many people, losing weight is an urgent task which has to be done quickly, but the real goal should be effectively and permanently. Following are some practical weight loss advices regarding fitness and nutrition rules that could help you to obtain faster and solid results:

1. Be Smart and Realistic
If you consider the fact that overweight problem do not happen overnight, then it is logically to realize that the reverse process of losing weight should be slow and continuous. Therefore instead of harsh and risky changes, try to begin with small, shorter, and easier goals, and gradually work your way up.

Carefully estimate how much free time you have to spare through the week and write down a plan including different activities, and how many times you can realistically perform them weekly, and for how long each time. In terms of nutrition – try to lower the consumption of sugar, flour and paste products, and then gradually exclude them.

2. More Movement Equals Better Health and Less Extra Pounds
Instead of following extreme fad diets to diminish your calorie intake, a lot of movement is always the better solution. Exercise fights successfully with the extra pounds and keeps us physically fit. Bear in mind that common activities like walking in the park, climbing stairs and gardening, also contribute to your weight loss efforts, and make you more physically active. Just take the time to do enough of them.

3. Think of Self-Rewarding, when a Goal Is Accomplished
weight loss tipsMake yourself an tempting offer to receive a reward for the hardly achieved results. For example, if you stay away from sweets and perform all the exercise programs you have planned for the week, make a promise that you will treat yourself to a well-deserved reward, but not a food reward. Think of something you want, such as beautiful clothing, a massage at the spa center, a ticket for a movie, or even a deposit toward a larger reward. Just be creative to stimulate your progress!

4. Keep Yourself Full to Eliminate Snack Cravings
About 15 minutes or more is the time needed for the signal, indicating that we’re full, to get from the stomach to our brain. So try to eat slowly and not to overeat which loads you up with unnecessary amount of calories.

Eight glasses of water or other non-caloric beverages daily makes you feel full and refreshed. Raw fruits and vegetables also help to satisfy your hunger and suppress your food cravings in between meals.

5. You May Keep a Record
You may keep a diary of the foods you eat through the day and how much physical activity you perform. Then, measure yourself at the end of each week and record your weight to monitor your progress. If the results aren’t satisfying, you and your health provider can use the information from your records to adjust your nutrition and exercise plan to find the best way and improve your achievements.

6. Be Constantly Cautious
Finally, keep an eye on the size of your plate. Always remind yourself we usually eat everything that is on our dish, regardless of its size. Try to use smaller plates at home which will result into smaller food portions. When eating out at the restaurant, read carefully the menu and watch out for the meal portions, high fat dressing, etc.


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